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Fostering problem-solving skills in young learners - start early, succeed always.

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Age 8 and above

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Weekend Classes

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Prepare Your Child for a Successful Future with Our YoungCEO Program. Let's Go!!

Success Stories

Student Projets
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Navimita Dev
Founder: Daily Thoughts

Meet Our Entrepreneurial Student Who Launched an Online Journal Store with Our Program's Support

Skills Earned:

  • Website Building

  • Creativity

  • Customer Service

  • Research and Analysis

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Influencer: Surrounded with Greens  

Our 14-year-old entrepreneur turned his love for gardening and planting trees into a successful social movement and launched his own blog.

Skills Earned:

  • Blogging

  • SEO

  • Communication

  • Hosting

  • Goal Setting

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Founder: YourDesign

Our Entrepreneurial Student who Co-launched Print on Demand Business with his mom. 

Skills Earned:

  • Website Building

  • Money Management 

  • Creativity

  • Customer service

  • Inventory Management

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Our Entrepreneurial Student Who Launched an online jewellery selling brand 

Skills earned:

  • Jewellery designing

  • Photography

  • website building

  • creativity

  • customer service


What We Offer

Welcome to our "YoungCEO Program" designed to cultivate young minds with the skills and mindset necessary to become successful entrepreneurs.


Through interactive lessons, kids will learn how to set goals, approach ideas strategically, think critically, and develop a product-oriented mindset.

Different Stages in Entrepreneurship:

Learning and Exploration

Through experimenting and testing their ideas, children learn how to identify opportunities and solve problems, which are essential skills for future success as entrepreneurs and leaders. Developing these skills and mindset at an early age can give children a competitive advantage in their future endeavors.


Discovery is an essential element of any kids' entrepreneurship program. It involves exploring new ideas, learning about oneself and others, and finding innovative solutions to problems. Through discovery, children can develop a growth mindset, which is critical to their success as entrepreneurs and leaders.

Problem Solving & Ideation

Ideation entails brainstorming, exploring different possibilities, and refining ideas based on feedback and data. It involves developing a growth mindset, where children learn to embrace failure, persevere through challenges, and collaborate with others.

Final Creation/ Launch

Children are taught to develop prototypes, create business plans, and market their products or services to potential customers. They learn about the importance of branding, customer feedback, and continuous improvement. Finally, they launch their product or service, taking pride in their accomplishment and learning from the experience.

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Our Course Structure

Level 1 (Sat & Sun - 12NOON - 2PM) :  YoungCEO program uses a hands-on approach to teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in 4 months. The program prepares students for the more advanced L2 phase where they bring their final product to life. By the end, children gain an opportunistic mindset and a deeper understanding of business and entrepreneurship.

Level 2 (Sat & Sun - 1PM - 3PM) : Building on the foundation of learning, exploration, and discovery in L1, kids' entrepreneurship programs move on to the next phase where students pick a problem statement and work to develop a prototype product over a period of 6 months. By focusing on a specific challenge, children gain a deeper understanding of the problem-solving process and develop valuable skills in product development and design. The final product serves as a testament to their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

L1 is a prerequisite for L2 in kids' entrepreneurship programs.

1-1 Mentorship

Industry Visits

Focused student community

Trusted Partners


Our Upcoming Cohort Dates:

21st May, 2023

Admission closes on 7th May 2023

Transform your kids into young sharks of the business world, enroll them in our entrepreneurship course and let them swim with success!


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